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Traditions Thank You

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Cathy Dennie and Dexter Phillips
616 E 3rd Ave
Spokane, WA 99202

Dear Cathy and Dexter,
Thank you for investing in the growth of the women and children served at Transitions.
Your investment of $500 makes sure we are able to provide the wrap-around supports and services
that assist these women and their kiddos on their paths to wholeness.
It has been an exciting and busy start to 2014 for Transitions. Last week we celebrated the
relocation of our administrative offices, the re-design of our family room at the Transitional Living
Center and the resilient nature of familial love with a pre-valentine’s day Open House – we’re so
happy you joined us! Thank you also for including us in the opportunity to receive a $10
investment each time someone mentions Transitions while getting a quote. We will be publishing
this opportunity during the month of March.
We also moved the first tenants into our Permanent Supportive Housing program in
January. This new program is a reminder that just as we ask the women and children we serve to
stretch and grow we must also be willing to listen to their needs and grow to meet them.
Permanent Supportive Housing provides families with forever homes with no time limits on the
supports they receive. A new service for Transitions, we entered into this project with not a little
fear of the unknown. Our first tenants stopped by the office on move-in day. The little boy looked
up to his mom and said “You’re a good mom.” We couldn’t have asked for a clearer signal that
pushing ourselves to grow and learn something newwas the right thing to do and, we couldn’t do it
without you.
Thank you for helping us build-up the courage to grow alongside the women we serve.
Thank you for investing in the lives of children who dream of forever homes.
Development Director

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